Stories of Saving Places, Finding Community
written by Alix W. Hopkins
Trust for Public Land
People long for a sense of community in today's fast-paced world, for connections to one another and to natural places of peace and beauty. Quietly, and for more than twenty years, a growing network of community trails, riverfront parks, forests, farms, gardens, and other green spaces has begun to satisfy this hunger, offering welcome refuges in neighborhoods, rural towns, and cities across the country.

Benefits of these special projects begin to accrue even in the early planning stages when likely—and unlikely—partners come together around a common purpose. Along the way citizens discover untapped leadership abilities in themselves and cultivate enduring friendships with others.

With more than 150 color photos, maps, FAQs and other resources, Groundswell serves as a "call to action" and a useful guide for people with the passion and energy to make a difference in their community. If you are looking for help, or a fresh perspective, the stories in this book will inspire you to get going!

Alix Hopkins..."possessed the ability to organize and guide an abundance of talented local people to do what they did best. Here was grassroots participation in its most effective form."

From the foreword by U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell

Topics discussed in Groundswell:

community land conservation / community activism / community collaboration / rural economic development / civic entrepreneurialism collaborative environmental art / connecting earth, spirit & community / finding voice / finding the spirit of community

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